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Wellness Staff
Wellness Secretary
My name is Rob Gregor and I am the Director of Wellness for MJUSD. I started this new position with over 20 years of experience as a school administrator and a total of 30 years as an educator. In MJUSD, I have served as Principal at Cedar Lane, Ella, and Olivehurst Elementary schools.
The experience I’ve gained in the past three decades allows me to step into this important role and serve as a bridge to connect our students with the resources and services that they need. This opportunity comes from grant funding and aligns with MJUSD’s Strategic Plan, Goal 4 (District Culture – Develop a plan in which MJUSD cultivates a culture where staff and community can share and celebrate its successes and best practices.)
As the Director of Wellness I will be responsible for building a Wellness Program, which is one of the top priorities for our district. To do this, I will work with school administrators to help support students who are impacted by social and emotional trauma as well as monitor services to address classroom behaviors. I look forward to working with my incredible team of outreach consultants, counselors, nurses, and health aides to ensure no student is left behind. I am also...Read more