Uniform Complaint Procedures

The Marysville Joint Unified School District is primarily responsible for compliance with federal and state laws and regulations, including those related to unlawful discrimination, harassment, intimidation or bullying against any protected group, and all programs and activities that are subject to the Uniform Complaint Procedures (UCP). Some matters lie within the UCP scope, but not all complaints are within the scope of the UCP, even if they involve alleged violations of the law.
Programs and activities subject to the UCP include: Accommodations for Pregnant and Parenting Pupils; Adult Education; After School Education and Safety; Agricultural Career Technical Education; Career Technical and Technical Education, Career Technical, Technical Training (state); Career Technical Education (federal); Child Care and Development; Compensatory Education; Course Periods without Educational Content; Education of Pupils in Foster Care, Pupils who are Homeless, former Juvenile Court Pupils now enrolled in a school district and Children of Military Families; Every Student Succeeds Act; Local Control and Accountability Plans (LCAP); Migrant Education; Physical Education Instructional Minutes; Pupil Fees; Reasonable Accommodations to a Lactating Pupil; Regional Occupational Centers and Programs; School Plans For Student Achievement; School Safety Plans; Schoolsite Councils; State Preschool; State Preschool Health And Safety Issues In LEAs Exempt From Licensing.  
A complaint is a written and signed statement alleging a violation of federal or state laws or regulations. If the complainant is unable to put the complaint in writing, due to conditions such as a disability or illiteracy, the district shall assist the complainant in the filing of the complaint.

Williams Uniform Complaint Form

A Williams Complaint, another type of UCP complaint, regards instructional materials, emergency or urgent facilities conditions that pose a threat to the health and safety of pupils, and teacher vacancy or misassignment and may be filed anonymously. Williams Complaints are filed with the principal, or their designee, of the school in which the complaint arises. Schools have complaint forms available for these types of complaints, but will not reject a complaint if the form is not used as long as the complaint is submitted in writing. If a Williams Complaint requirement is allegedly not being met, a Williams Complaint form may be obtained at a school office or the district office. In addition, it is posted below.

Williams Complaint Form | Spanish