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Due to the Covid Pandemic, Academic Assistance to American Indian students has become difficult to organize. Hiring of tutors is difficult both from a District standpoint as well as the whole society seems to be having difficulty finding employees.
Please call in to request tutoring for yourself or your child and we will let you know where we are in this Covid-produced difficult process.
WE HOPE YOUR CHILD CAN RECEIVE FREE tutoring as sponsored by each District ELOP program, funded for each grade level K to 6.
Here is a link to MJUSD ELOP program.
After School Leads: 
Arboga Elementary: Alyssa Sanchez and Leslie Rivera - 701-9687 
Browns Valley: Antje Miethe - 649-3531
Cedar Lane Elementary: Andrew Wahl and Vanessa Santos - 701-9639
Cordua Elementary: Daphne Pomery - 682-9411
Covillaud Elementary: Vanessa Gonzalez and Nick Lopez - 701-9642 
Dobbins Elementary: Debbi Scarberry - 701-9646 
Edgewater Elementary: Andrew Xiong and Izabella Mendoza - 701-1409
Ella Elementary: Emma Caraveo - 701-9643
Foothill Intermediate: Victoria Topete - 649-3532 
Johnson Park Elementary: Hayleigh Hill and Jenny Cabrera - 682-7937 
Kynoch Elementary: Estephanie Gomez and Travis Leonard - 682-9438 
Linda Elementary: Franceska Quihuis - 682-7936 
Loma Rica Elementary: Natalie Rose - 635-6101  
Olivehurst Elementary: Cristina Nava and Joua Her - 682-9990  
Yuba Feather Elementary: Juliana Manzano - 740-4040  
McKenney Intermediate: Jazmin Sanchez - 701-0183 
Yuba Gardens Intermediate: Mr. Mikey Pennington - 701-4264
Call 530.749.6196 for more information.
Generally students enrolled in and identified by the American Indian Education, Title VI or Johnson O'Malley Grant Programs are eligible for tutoring. We offer one hour per week if a tutor is available.