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Facilities and Planning identifies the need for new schools, determines school site locations, plans and constructs modernization projects and additions to existing schools, and builds new facilities as approved by the Board of Education. The department is also responsible for securing state funding for new school construction and modernization projects through the School Facility Program, enrollment projections, school attendance boundaries, and the collection of school-related taxes and impact fees.
To learn more about the projects within our district, please refer to our MJUSD Facilities update. Thank you.
Development Impact Fees
The District currently charges Development Impact Fees for residential and commercial/industrial new and reconstruction.
The current rate for residential construction is $4.79 per square foot of conditioned (heated and/or cooled) space.
The current rate for commercial/industrial construction is a maximum of $ .78 per square foot.
For questions on Developer Fees, please contact Angela Salcido (530) 749-6114 or