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The role of the Facilities Master Plan Advisory Committee is to serve as an advisory committee for the Superintendent and the Board in all areas of the MJUSD facilities and infrastructure needs. It addresses issues related to growth, development, and the facilities needed to provide an optimal learning environment for students.  
The Committee is composed of staff, administrators, community members and Board representatives.  Meetings are facilitated by the Superintendent and/or the Chief Business Officer.
This committee reviews qualitative and quantitative data relative to the growth and development in the District and recommends actions such as:
1. Boundary changes needed to balance our schools
2. Facilities improvements
3. New Infrastructure
MJUSD is currently developing a three-years Facilities Master Plan which is a comprehensive plan. The plan will address learning options at each site along with the facilities needs at the site and district level.  The results of the recommendation will generate a series of projects to ensure that schools and district facilities are updated and responsive to a positive learning environment.
To learn more about the projects within our district, please refer to our MJUSD Facilities update. Thank you.
Meetings and Agendas

Meetings and Agendas