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Student Recognition

A huge thank you goes out to the companies that have donated items so we can recognize our hard working students. If you are interested in donating a gift card or other item to help recognize and thank a hardworking student, please contact Zachary Pless in Educational Services.
October 2022 Student Recognition

October 2022 Student Recognition

Each month, nominations are accepted and names are randomly selected for recognition.
Adela Gomez Cortes at Adult School
Adela enrolled in our program in August and from the beginning has been hard worker and a go-getter. As of October 12th, she has already completed two classes and has started on her third. Adela advocates for herself as needed, and asks for help to be as successful as she can in our program. She has so much potential, and we are excited to see where the future takes her when she completes our program!
Ethan Ticarat at Arboga
Despite Ethan's learning disability he comes to class everyday with an eagerness to learn and a drive to always produce quality work. Ethan always looks for new ways to challenge himself in order to constantly aim towards improving and learning more and more every day.
Genesis Lewis at Cedar Lane
Genesis is a student I can always count on to make good choices in and out of the classroom. She is thoughtful, caring and kind to others.
Incursion Kellener at Ella
Incursion works very hard every day! He is a friend to all and always comes to school ready to learn!
Camia Neves at Foothill
Camia is a very good student and friend! She is always on task, and always respectful and she helps her friends without putting them down or making them feel bad for not knowing the assignment
Maximiliano Muchuca at Kynoch
Max truly brightens my day with his wit and confidence each and every day. He is always eager to learn and perseveres through every challenge he faces. No task is too small or too difficult for him. Max is a model student!
Jonathan Elbert at LHS
Jonathan is a bright light in the classroom! He always comes in with a positive attitude, ready to participate and help out his peers.
Landon Letsinger at McKenney
Landon is a very nice, polite young man, and is an excellent student. He takes pride in his work, and always strives to do the best job he can. He is an independent worker that will read, study, and search for answers to questions, whether they be simple recall of information questions or those that require him to process a concept and synthesize an answer based on his knowledge of the content. When he doesn't understand a question, or a concept, he takes initiative to come in either on his time, or during Mustang Time to get the help he needs. The time and effort he puts into his work shows, and more importantly his social skills and respect he shows towards students and staff make him one of the most well rounded students I have ever had. He is definitely a student who deserves to be recognized for his commitment and dedication to being the best he can be!
Destiny Nanlap at MHS
Destiny has supported many teachers on campus and has shown leadership, particularly in my class. She is an incredible artist and reliable when I need feedback or assistance with different parts of a lesson. Destiny is hard working not only in my class, but in other classes as well. She is able to help other students when it is needed. She is also one of the first students to ask if I need help or offer assistance.
Natalia Ramirez at Olivehurst
Natalia is a kind friend to her classmates and a great helper to staff. She always stays on task in the classroom. Every interaction with Natalia has always begun with a big smile from her. She brings great positivity to the school.

September 2022 Student Recognition

September 2022 Student Recognition

Each month, nominations are accepted and names are randomly selected for recognition.
Adam Terrel at Yuba Feather
Adam has been selected to receive the Yuba Feather STAR (Students Taking Absolute Responsibility) for their actions and how they participate at our school in every area for the month of September. Adam demonstrates all the qualities of our big 4 (be safe, be responsible, be respectful and be ready to learn). Adam is also very polite and uses his kind manners with every student from the kindergartners to his peers in 2nd grade. He is always looking out to help others. He is always respectful to his teacher and other staff. Often Adam reminds me at the end of the day to enjoy my evening and rest well. He is a super kid and he really deserves this award.
Anthony Lopez at Cedar Lane
Anthony is a responsible and hard-working student. He tries his best in class and is a fabulous Wildcat!
Bexley Buchta at Ella
Bexley is a hard worker and friend to all! She is kind and considerate and a great role model to all her peers!
Caleb Anderson at Arboga
Caleb always completes his assignments on time. When he missed several days of school, he returned with everything done and ready to turn in. He respects his peers and works cooperatively with them during group work. He sets the example on how to treat others as well as how to be accountable. He is a wonderful classroom leader!
Emma Haymore at Arboga
Emma is a part of our Multimedia Club and is a great role model for the students in the group. I can trust her with filming, editing and planning school video projects. I am so proud of her and the example she sets for her peers. She is also an excellent student in and out of the classroom.
Keegun Venice at McKenney
Keegun always helps in class. He keeps his teammates on track and does fantastic work. Even when subbing in another classroom, Keegun helps out and shows that he knows our school-wide behavior expectations. He is a role model for other students.
Rachael Henry at Kynoch
Rachel is a great classmate towards her peers. She is respectful and helpful to others around her. Rachel always goes above and beyond to support her deskmates and is a superb collaborator. Rachel recognizes the positive benefits of being a positive role model for her classmates.
Sophia Valencia at Marysville High School
A friend to all, always has a positive attitude, great student, and athlete.
Trinity Duran at Lindhurst High School
Trinity has done an outstanding job of leading our Junior ROTC Corps of CAdets so far this year. She is highly respected by all cadets in the Corps.
Tyra Lacorbiere at North South Lindhurst High School
Tyra works hard to complete all her assignments and is always respectful in class, but I really nominated her because I often observe her practicing kindness in my classroom. She is one of the first students to help straighten desks and put away materials without being asked and she always helps other students understand their work.