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Special Education

Shavaun Mathews
Director of Special Education
Coordinator of Special Education
(530) 749-6171
Amy Eggleston

Lauren Heusser
Coordinator of Special Education
(530) 749-6171
Ext. 6180
Jenny Dolan - Data Facilitator
Cindy Shelton - Secretary
Jordan Wells - Health and Wellness Supervisor
Alyssa Emerson - Health Clerk
Alaina Morris - Preschool Behavior Analyst
School Psychologists
Speech and Language Pathologists
Educationally Relevant Mental Health
Occupational Therapists
Adapted Physical Education Teachers
School Nurses
Health Aides
The Student Services Department values inclusive environments, all students’ differences in learning and best practices in instruction. We strive to serve students by maintaining high standards and providing support for equal access to programs.
Areas of responsibility include:
  • Special Education Services
    • Speech and Language
    • Specialized Academic Instruction
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Adapted Physical Education
    • Group and Individual Counseling
    • Educationally Relevant Mental Health
    • Transition Services
  • Special Education Programs
  • Special Education Records
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