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MJUSD Employee Spotlight

MJUSD Employee Spotlight

A huge thank you goes out to the companies that have donated items so we can recognize our hard working staff. If you are interested in donating a gift card or other item to help recognize and thank a MJUSD employee, please contact Zachary Pless in Educational Services.
October 2022 Employee Recognition

October 2022 Employee Recognition

Each month, nominations are accepted and names are randomly selected for recognition.
Kiley Lagorio at Arboga
We are so lucky to have Mrs Lagorio at our school. She is the glue that has been holding us together for weeks while several staff have been out due to a bug going around. She has been continuing to do her own duties as well as many other peoples duties. We are an amazing team and she has had to work so hard to make sure our team is still running. Thank you for being such an amazing leader.
Melissa Murray at Cedar Lane ES
Melissa keeps student learning as her top priority, develops strong relationships with her students, families and peers. She also has a wicked sense of humor, keeps us all on our toes and creates fun activities for her students like 'Looking for Boo' that extend beyond her classroom to most of the school. Melissa is the kind of teacher that students remember!!
Michael Pennington at Cordua
I've never seen Mr. Mikey without a smile and his positivity is contagious! We could use more people like him on our team. Thank you for all of your hard work and your can-do attitude Mikey! You rock!
Jenna Ahlberg at Kynoch Elementary
Jenna is the definition of empathy. Even with her tight schedule, she is still available to meet with and encourage students who need empathy the most.
Mrs Gamez at Linda Elementary
Mrs. Gamez has been so much more than just a reliable sub on our campus. She has filled three different long-term positions and is always willing to be a part of her grade-level team to provide the best education possible for students.
Nohemí Arroyo-Magaña at Lindhurst High
What can we all say about Mimi? She's Super Mimi! We are so proud and blessed to have Mimi here at Lindhurst. Every day she brings her smile, upbeat energy, and endless amount of knowledge to support parents, students, and staff. We are glad Mimi came back to us. :D
Sarah Hyatt at Marysville High School
When it came to light (a few days before the deadline) that a student group did not have a trailer for a homecoming float and needed a space to build a float, she readily offered her truck, trailer, and home for students to build
Kristen Haase at McKenney
Kristen goes over and beyond to help the school by doing many "unnoticed" tasks, like filling our soda machines, helping make dance decorations, providing accounting services to numerous organizations, tutoring, AND teaching 3 completely different classes.
Paul Shergill at Olivehurst Elementary
Mr. Paul is, and always has been, here to help students and staff however he can. Through his positive "can-do" attitude he creates a caring and safe school environment for students. He has earned the respect of staff and students alike. Mr. Paul cares about our students and does all he can to ensure their success both behaviorally and academically.
Maria Magana at Transportation
Maria radiates cheerful happiness. She decorates our transportation office and makes it festive for the holidays. She truly cares for the students she helps and the people she works with. We really appreciate her positivity!

September 2022 Employee Recognition

September 2022 Employee Recognition

Each month, nominations are accepted and names are randomly selected for recognition.
Alex Romero at Marysville High
Alex is amazing at handling many tasks at once and always is ready with an answer for anyone who needs help. She also works hard to complete the tasks she is given, even when given last-minute ones. She is amazing to work with.
Ashley Vette at Foothill and Loma Rica
Mrs. Vette is always available for any questions or concerns. She does not judge and is quick to find a positive solution to any problem. She is there to support staff, students, and parents alike! She is an amazing person and principal.
Jami Larson at District Office
Jami is the epitome of efficiency!! Her positive can-do spirit is infectious and inspiring. I can only hope to do a fraction of the amazing things she does for our students and co-workers.
Jessica Alcantar at Covillaud
Ms. Jessica has spearheaded a "Girls on the Run" team for Covillaud this year. She has taken on the Head Coach role and encouraged several of us to work with her and the girls as assistant coaches. This is such a great program for girls, and I'm thankful Jessica took the initiative to bring the opportunity to Covillaud.
Kelly Buchanan at Lindhurst High
Mrs. Buchanan is a kind, considerate teacher that consistently models respect and kindness in class.
Meaghan Alvarez at Lindhurst High
Mrs. Alvarez goes above and beyond for her students. Every day she comes into her classroom ready to be there for her students. She also runs the OH club and works hard to ready her students for a career in the floral industry. Her class does an outstanding job with the flower of the month club (if you haven't put in your order ...DO IT NOW! You won't regret it). GREAT JOB Mrs. Alvarez! LHS is that much better because you are here!!!
Pete Pantoja at District Office
Mr. Pantoja is thoughtful about making decisions that will positively impact our students. He is always looking for and finding things for our students to learn that they would not otherwise have the opportunity. He is very intentional about making sure that our afterschool program is extended learning and more meaningful than after-school babysitting. We appreciate you and all that you do for our schools and community, Mr. Pantoja!
Sunshine Harlow at Arboga
When I first started working at Arboga, Sunshine came into my classroom to demonstrate lessons on many different phonics skills. She sent me resources and was a great listening ear. Now she is teaching right next door to me! I know I can go to Sunshine for anything. She is a great friend and an even better teacher. She genuinely tries hard at everything she does. Any child in her class is lucky to have her. I wish I could get her a million warm and fuzzies, just like the ones she gives her students!!
Taylor White at Cordua
Cordua is so lucky to have Taylor White as our Librarian. She is a walking ray of sunshine and brightens every room that she is in. Students look forward to going into the library and spending time with her. Kinders love having story time with Ms. Taylor, and they always have a fun coloring project afterward.
Taylor plays an important part at Cordua, and we are so thankful to have her!!
Victoria Topete at Foothill
Victoria is ALWAYS hard working and smart in her approach to her job. She was tasked with starting the afterschool program at Foothill. She has done so without a ton of instructions, she asks great questions and is constantly meeting or exceeding expectations. Thank you for your hard work, Victoria!