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Early Childhood Program

Director of Early Childhood Program
Staff - Ext. 6165
Joanna Hunt - Administrative Assistant
Araceli Raya - Program Secretary
Maira Velazquez - Health Aide
It is the mission of the MJUSD Child Development Program to provide the highest quality of services to our youngest of students in a safe, nurturing, positive and engaging learning environment.
Our Child Development Program is a place that inspires social-emotional confidence to facilitate the growth of the whole child.  Children are provided opportunities to explore, manipulate and take risks by engaging in a safe, nurturing and enriching environment that embraces individuality and a strong sense of community.
As collaborative educators, we are intentional, passionate and motivated to grow partnerships with families to create an empowering early education experience.
  • State Preschool Program
Our Preschool Educational program is developmentally, culturally and linguistically appropriate and includes activities that facilitate a child’s physical, cognitive, social and emotional development.  Our program is inclusive of children with special needs and encourages respect for the feelings and rights of others. 
  • School-Age Children’s Center Program
Our Children’s Center Educational program provides educational and socialization in a safe and healthy environment, conducive to the development and growth of young students. 
  • School Readiness Program
Our School Readiness Program targets children ages 0-5 and their family members and has been designed to promote parental resilience, social connections, knowledge of parenting and child development while promoting each child’s physical, social and emotional development. 
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Jolie Critchfield
Director of Child Development
Our Programs

Our Programs

State Preschool Program

Goals of the State Preschool program include enhancing the total growth of each child by doing the following: develop each child's sense of self-worth, provide a wide range of experiences which form a basis for future learning in all areas of the curriculum (language, mathematics, science, music, and art), encourage the child's natural curiosity about the world, develop each child's communication skills, provide opportunity for physical development and healthful living, help each child learn how to handle his/her emotions and consider the feelings of others, develop problem-solving skills, help each child develop a sense of trust in both peers and adults of all representative spectrums of society, and to encourage thinking skills and creativity.

Our second goal is to expand the parent's understanding and knowledge by offering opportunities such as: learning more about child growth and development, being included as a integral part of and equal partner in their children's educational process and to increase their self-confidence. 

Children's Center Program

Literacy is the cornerstone of learning. Our programs are rich in literacy and language. Social relations, math and logic, music and movement, and creative expression are all key components. Classrooms are child centered, drawing directly from the child's reality. Services provided include an extended day program after school, assistance with homework for school age children, and referrals to other community agencies if needed. 
Useful Links

Useful Links