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Administrative Secretary
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Curriculum, Assessment and Accountability

amy_strattonThe Mission of the Educational Services Division is to ensure outstanding student achievement by:
  • Providing world class research based curriculum
  • Promoting the District's core beliefs about teaching and learning
  • Facilitating coordination of Pre K-12 education
  • Providing support, technical assistance, and consultation to to the schools
  • Determining program effectiveness through data analysis
Educational Services is committed to supporting Administrators, teachers, support staff and all educational partners in providing a quality education for students.  I have been in the educational arena for over 25 years and bring vast experiences to my role in Educational Services.  Some of the responsibilities that I oversee include development of common assessments, aligning assessments and curriculum to the standards, ensuring students have current curriculum, monitoring all state testing, and all state reporting for accountability.
Director of Curriculum, Assessment and Accountability
(530) 749-6903