Welcome to the Marysville Joint Unified School District, where we are committed to providing safe, nurturing, and student-centered programs to grow future leaders for our community and beyond. 
MJUSD is recognized for the quality of its leadership at the Board, administration, and school level. Our school Board members are truly committed to public education and provide the district with the focus and oversight needed to ensure that we serve our students well.  At MJUSD we work to achieve three explicit goals:
Goal 1:  Provide learning opportunities that result in increased academic achievement and ensure quality classroom instruction for all students, including support systems that meet the needs of the targeted population. 
Goal 2:  Enhance the current learning environment to ensure that our schools provide a physically and emotionally safe environment that is culturally responsive to all students.
Goal 3:  Increase parent, family, and community involvement in the education of all students. Our approach to education in grades 7-12 strikes a balance between centralized direction and freedom of implementation, with an emphasis on creating a culture of accountability throughout every level of the district. 
Our district team works closely with our Principals, teachers, and staff members to achieve these goals through student-centered programs and a service mindset. We all recognize that our single most priority is to keep our students safe and engaged in a challenging and exciting learning environment that prepares them for the jobs of tomorrow.  We thank our staff, parents/guardians and community organizations for their support in making Marysville Joint Unified School District the best it can be as we prepare the future leaders of our country and our world.
Fal Asrani, Ed.D