Core Values

Student Centered
  • Each child in our community deserves a quality education.
Fiscal Accountability
  • We are socially responsible and invest our time and resources in activities that bring measurable results and value to our students and the communities we serve.
  • We are fiscally accountable with clear expectations, sound monitoring, and review.
  • We build strength through diversity. We value the collective backgrounds of our students and strive to create a receptive environment where students can thrive, contribute, and prosper.
  • We treat all students, their families, and all staff members with fairness, respect, and understanding.
Social Responsibility
  • We provide an environment that fosters social responsibility and character development.
Shared Commitment to Public Education
  • We work together as partners while respecting individual roles in providing the best education to our students.
  • Our Schools are community centers - we value a connected learning community.