Welcome!  You have found your way to our teacher-technology document manager.  This is a shared resource area for classroom lessons and project samples.  Some documents are sorted into folders, which are listed at the top.  Click on the folder to access related documents.

For consistency purposes, all lessons are labeled in the following way:

Grade_Subject_Topic Example:  6_ELA_verbs 3_Math_multiplication_review

If the specific grade is unknown, lessons will be listed as primary or upper. 

To search for a specific Open Court lesson activity, click on the grade level folder to view units and then click on the unit folder.  Once the folder is open, you can select lessons or type in one main word (or a portion of the word) and click search to narrow your results.  For example, if you are looking for a lesson related to The Abacus Contest, open the Grade 5 Open Court folder and then click on the Unit 1 folder.  Once it is open, search for the word Abacus.

Note:  At this time, some lessons may be incomplete.  If you have completed or updated a lesson, please use the file submission form to share the updated lesson!  We are in the process of reviewing the lessons and completing or removing those which are not complete.

 Need help?  Want to share your technology lessons?

Contact Alicia Wright at 530.741.6107