Attendance in kindergarten, prior to age six, is not mandatory. If you choose to enroll your child, your decision to do so comes with some important responsibilities. The first is to support your child's learning. The California State Standards are focused on the daily development of important skills that will help our child be successful in first grade and beyond. Talking to your child about what they learned each day, support with homework assignments, reading to your child and making sure your child is in school every day. Your child's success in kindergarten is dependent on being in school daily so they do not fall behind. When absences are excessive, your child's readiness for first grade will be in danger.

MJUSD has implemented a policy that requires your kindergarten student to be in school at least 90% of the 180 days in a school hear. This means that your child cannot miss more than 2 days per month for any reason. If your child is considered "excessively absent" we will ask that you withdraw your child from kindergarten for the rest of the school year. You will then have the choice to re-enroll your child next year in kindergarten or first grade.

All of the services in the district are available to assist you and it is our desire to help you in improving your student's attendance at school. Please contact Jolie Critchfield, Director of Attendance & Discipline (530) 749-6901 if you are having difficulty getting your child to school. Together we can help your child be successful.