Parent(s) or guardian(s) of children attending Marysville schools may request a transfer of the pupil assigned school to another.  Such requests must be in writing on the District inter/intra district forms and approved by Liz Diaz (530) 749-6172.

Inter/Intra District Application | Spanish

The inter/intra district transfer agreement may be revoked under the following circumstances:  (Ed. Code 46600)

  • The pupil has poor attendance and falls under the 96% attendance mandate.
  • Failure to adhere to the district/school discipline policy.
  • Class size exceeds maximum allowed by statute or contract.
  • Unsatisfactory academic progress.

To revoke a transfer, the following procedures are to be followed: 

  1. The principal, or designee, shall hold a conference with the parent/guardian stating transfer status is at risk.
  2. The pupil shall be given an opportunity to remediate the problem(s).
  3. The principal, or designee, shall hold a second conference with the parent/guardian if the problem(s) continues to exist and that he/she is recommending that the transfer be revoked.  This conference shall be followed-up in writing.
  4. The Coordinator of Student Attendance & Discipline, or designee, shall review the case and determine if the transfer should be revoked.
  5. If the transfer is revoked, all parties shall be notified.