Under the direction of the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, the Director of Transportation administers the daily operation of the Transportation Department.
The primary purpose of the MJUSD Transportation Department is to safely transport students to and from school. This service is provided by a dedicated, caring and professional group of employees. Bus drivers are trained and required to hold a California Class B License, a California School Bus Certificate Pro-Act Special Needs training, as well as a CPR and First Aid certificate.
The department transports over 2,600 home to school as well as an additional 254 Students with disabilities over 75 miles within the MJUSD district boundaries.
Dispatch functions as the control center for transportation operations within the district in addition to scheduling field trips, sports van assignments, temporary vehicle needs by district departments and attends student Individual Education Program (IEP) meetings to provide information on the safest and most effective student transportation option available.
The MJUSD Transportation Department provides the following services:
  • Provide transportation to and from school for general education students from kindergarten through high school
  • Transporting students with disabilities requires transportation be provided to different educational settings in and outside the school district, including public, private and charter schools
  • Transport medically fragile students and administer suction, oxygen, and other medical needs of the students
  • Service and maintain 83 school buses including California Highway Patrol (CHP) inspections, drug and alcohol testing, and maintain all commercial driver records.
  • Maintain a fleet of over 100 trucks, tractors, mowers and other miscellaneous equipment.
The Transportation Department operates from 5:00 AM to 6:00 PM with dispatch available 24/7 via cell phones.
Contact Info:
Greg Taylor, Director of Transportation (530) 749-6199
Javier Vega, Transportation Supervisor (530) 749-6188
Chris Coulson, Lead Mechanic (530) 749-6197
Andy Willis, Trainer/Supervisor (530) 740-6496
Karin Anderson, Department Secretary (530) 749-6198
Danielle Garrison, Lead Dispatcher (530) 749-6189
Laura Dowing, Dispatch (530) 740-6495