Under the direction of the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Marysville Joint Unified School District operates a centralized purchasing system administered directly by the Director of Purchasing, Warehouse, and Print Shop.
The functions of the centralized purchasing system include:
  • The purchase of supplies, equipment, ad services at the maximum end-use value per dollar spent.
  • The development of bid specifications, receipt of bids, and maintenance of contracts related to bids.
  • Maintenance of contracts.
  • Maintenance of warehouse inventory to ensure quick delivery of stock items.
  • Administration of the District's fixed asset and equipment inventory, including the purchase and tagging of equipment for identification, as well as the sale or disposal of obsolete and/or surplus property.
The centralized purchasing system of Marysville Joint Unified School District exists solely to serve the schools and departments of the District. We utilize professional procedures which account for multiple volume purchases and lower costs through standardization. In addition, the purchasing staff keeps up-to-date information on available products, services, ad vendors available to the purchasing by a governmental agency.
The fundamental objectives of this central purchasing unit are to:
  1. Ensure "cost effectiveness" in order for the District to obtain the best products or services for the dollar, achieving the lowest ultimate cost rather than the lowest initial price, and thus obtaining the most economical use of the District resources;
  2. Provide high quality service. The Purchasing Department continually researches the new products and vendor sources and strives to provide a quick response time to purchasing and delivery requests; and
  3. Maintain strong internal controls to safeguard District assets by preventing theft or waste of resources, as well as ensuring that all applicable laws and regulations are followed.

Purchasing Staff

The Purchasing staff is here to help you. Please allow us to use our purchasing expertise on your behalf for all your supply and service needs.
Brian Horn, Director (530) 749-6107
Kelly O'Rourke, Buyer (530) 749-6130
Mike Buckland, Buyer     (530) 749-6110