The following chart outlines the roles and responsibilities assigned to those involved in the District purchasing process:
Board of Trustees  Establishes purchasing policies to ensure goods and services are purchased in a prompt, cost-effective, and legal manner. 
Assistant Superintendent Business Services
Establishes, under direction of the Board of Trustees and the Superintendent, District purchasing procedures to ensure that requests for purchases receive the proper review and follow Board policy. Presents bid results and recommendations for approval of bids to the Board of Trustees.
Purchasing Department – Director of Purchasing Holds sole authority to review, change, and issue Purchase Orders for goods or services. Acts as a clearinghouse for vendors and vendor negotiations. Coordinates all advertised bids. Establishes purchasing standards and specifications. Supervises District Warehouse and maintains inventory control. Supervises Print Shop. Disposes of surplus or obsolete materials and equipment.
Department or Site Manager (Principal)
Ensures funds are available, approves purchase, and submits Purchase Requisition to the Purchasing Department for review.
Identifies the need and obtains approval of the responsible department and/or site manager(s) (Principal(s), to initiate the purchasing process for goods or services.
Receives goods and verifies accuracy of delivery. Records receipt of goods in Escape financial system. Maintains copies of receiving and/or proof of delivery documents. Delivers goods received to appropriate sites.
Fiscal Services Department
Verifies correct usage of budget codes to assure compliance with State of California regulations. Verifies availability of funds for school sites and departments. Pays the vendor after the materials, equipment, or services are received and invoice has been submitted by the vendor.