Marysville Joint Unified School District employees should never sign a contract supplied by a vendor. Please reference the Contracts and Agreements section of this manual for specific instructions for handling contracts.
Vendor Selection
Vendors are selected for their capability to serve the needs of the District by providing quality products in the most economical and efficient manner possible. Past performance and service after the sale are important factors. Factors considered when evaluating a vendor include, but are not limited to:
  • Competitive pricing
  • Quality/Durability of product
  • Material availability
  • Warranty and/or customer service
  • Credit, freight, and delivery terms
  • Product Lifecycle
  • Experience/Reputation/References
Gifts and Free Materials Policy
No District employee or Board member shall accept personal gifts or commissions from individuals or companies selling equipment, materials, or services required in the operation of District programs. Gifts include any item purchased specifically for an individual employee which is not generally offered to others.
This policy does not prohibit employees from accepting promotional or advertising items such as calendars, desk pads, and other office gadgets which are offered by businesses and are free to all as part of their public relations/promotional programs.
District employees who work for, or serve as consultants for, potential vendors shall not participate in evaluating any equipment, materials or services of that vendor or its competitors.
This policy does not prohibit the acceptance of materials and/or services which are of use and benefit to the District. These items, if accepted, immediately become property of the District. This includes promotional or “free with purchase” items received.