District Policies Regarding Purchasing

The Board of Trustees has the ultimate authority and approval over what the District purchases. All procedures are developed and written to provide detailed, practical guidance to support the responsibilities and goals. “The Superintendent or designee shall develop and maintain effective purchasing procedures that are consistent with sound financial controls and that ensure the district receives maximum value for items purchased.”
The following are links to Marysville Joint Unified School District Board Policies and Administrative Regulations and those policies that relate to purchasing. Please follow the login instructions on the MJUSD Board Policies and Administrative Regulations page to view board policies

Purchasing Policies

1. Purchasing Authority
The Purchasing Department of Marysville Joint Unified School District has been given the exclusive authority by the Board of Trustees and State law, unless otherwise stated, to:
  • Initiate and conduct negotiations concerning the purchase of materials, equipment, supplies, and services for the District.
  • Obligate the District for goods and services duly requisitioned and approved.
  • Unauthorized orders or commitments made by faculty or staff are not binding on the District. Individuals representing the Marysville Joint Unified School District without approved purchasing authority cannot obligate the District to any legal commitment.
  • Individuals (staff) who place unauthorized orders and circumvent Purchasing Department procedures may be held personally responsible for settlement of unauthorized purchases (i.e., these individuals (staff) may have to pay out of pocket).
2. Personal Purchases
The Purchasing Department is not authorized and will not arrange personal purchases for faculty or staff. The use of one’s District affiliation to obtain a reduced price for any product or service being purchased for private use is strictly prohibited.
3. Quality of Goods
In order to provide quality assurance and product safety, the Purchasing Department may ask for detailed product specifications or question the quality, quantity, and type of material requested and/or suggest alternate items.
4. Selection of Vendors
Selection of vendors and sources is at the sole discretion of the Purchasing Department. Other sources may be suggested by other departments and will be considered whenever economically feasible or expedient to do so.
5. Advance Payments
Generally, payment to a vendor is made within 30 days from the date goods were received or services performed. Advance payments are usually not allowed except for certain preapproved purchases with extenuating circumstances. In either case, approval from the proper level of management, either the Superintendent or Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, must be obtained before the District is obligated in any way.
6. Funding Source/Budget Approval
Principals, Department Directors, or other managers should only authorize and approve Purchase Requisitions for the procurement of goods or services if adequate funds are available in their budget. It will be the responsibility of the approving manager to ensure the correct budget code, including object and function, is used in order to provide for payment of the goods or services. For funding/budget questions, please contact the Director of Fiscal Services.
7. Reimbursement of Expenditures
The District is under no obligation to reimburse employees for unauthorized purchases. The only document that legally commits the District to pay for a purchase is a properly approved and signed District Purchase Order issued by the District’s Purchasing Department.
8. Multi-Year Commitments
No District staff member may commit to any multi-year agreement without first receiving approval through the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services. Contracts may only be signed by the Superintendent or the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services upon Board approval.