Under the direction of the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services, Marysville Joint Unified School District Fiscal Services Department provides fiscal management services to ensure District resources are used to promote the educational goals of the District.
General Responsibilities include:
  • Budgetary controls and oversight
  • Sound internal controls over all District funds
  • Timely and accurate payment of all employees and vendors
  • Internal auditing services
  • Data analysis to determine cost effectiveness of programs
  • Accurate accounting records of all revenues and expenditures
  • Resource to school sites and program managers in the areas of budget and accounting
  • Attendance Accounting
  • Compliance with all financial reporting
  • ASB oversight
  • Payroll for all district employees, payroll reporting to the Internal Revenue Service and EDD Revenue, and all pension administration reporting including tax sheltered annuities (403b), 457 plan, Medicare, and both CalPERS and CalSTRS through the Payroll/Benefits Department
  • Invoicing and/or receipt of all district revenues
The Fiscal Services department is committed to providing outstanding support to all stakeholders through the responsible and accountable use of resources with a primary focus on supporting student achievement. We strive to maintain a high level of integrity and treat all stakeholders with the highest level of respect. Fiscal Services works closely with other district departments to be sure that our sites are provided assistance and training in all financial areas.
Fiscal Services is focused on:
  • Responsive, timely and accurate customer service
  • Delivering outstanding financial services and reports
  • Integrating user-friendly processes with best-available technologies
Creating an environment that empowers a highly-skilled, reliable team Fiscal Services is here to assist you.
Jennifer Passaglia, Director (530) 749-6125
Lynette Abbott, Benefits (530) 749-6125
Denise Yartz, Payroll (530) 749-6127 
Kim Sutherland, Account Specialist (530) 749-6120
Amy Littlefield, Account Technician (530) 749-6158
Carrie Daugherty, Accounts Payable (530) 749-6109
Cecelia Cruz, Accounts Payable (530) 749-6122