Code of Ethics

  • Consider first the interests of the School District, its students, and the betterment of the educational program of the District.
  • Endeavor to obtain the greatest value for every tax dollar expended in a manner conducive to good business practices and in compliance with statutory requirements.
  • Strive for knowledge of school equipment and supplies in order to recommend items that may either reduce costs or increase the efficiency of the educational program.
  • Give responsible bidders equal consideration and the assurance of unbiased judgment in determining whether their products meet the educational needs of the District.
  • Discourage the offer of gifts or favors, and decline all gifts or favors, as they might influence or be construed to influence the purchase of goods or services.
  • Provide a prompt and courteous reception, insofar as conditions permit, to all that call on legitimate business matters.
  • Be ever mindful of the reason for the existence of Business Services: to provide support to the various entities of the District charged with the responsibility of creating an educational environment of excellence.
  • Constantly seek, identify, and implement strategies and techniques that will enhance the level of service provided by Business Services.